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Basketball is a team sport, in which two teams, each of five players, compete, each attempting to bring the ball into the opponent's basket, score goals and earn points.

The points are scored by inserting the ball into the basket at a height of 3 meters, where the team that scores more wins than the opponent wins at the end of the game, and so it is difficult to draw a tie between the two teams. The player can move the ball forward by hitting it on the pitch in what is known as "dribbling", or passing it to his teammates to reach the goal. No physical friction is allowed to impede any player from the "wrong" and there are restrictions on how to deal with the ball known as "violations of the rules of play."

History of basketball

James Naismith, a professor of physical education at McGill University in Montreal, has sought to create a powerful indoor game for his students to keep fit.

The bottom of this basket, which is mounted in a long pole mounted on a stand, is punctured, allowing the balls to come out every time you enter. These peach baskets were used until 1906.

The first official basketball game was held in the YMCA gymnasium with nine players.

The practice of women's basketball started at Smith College when Cinda Perinson, a physical education teacher, revised the rules set by Naismith regarding basketball to suit women.

Cinda Perinson organized the first women's basketball games among college students.

The basketball hall of fame was created in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Tony Henkel designed a clearer basketball for players and spectators alike, using the orange ball commonly used nowadays.

The name of the American Basketball Association (BAA) has been changed to the National Basketball Association of America (NBA).

The ABA merged with NBA "ABA-NBA merger" to become the NBA league as the world's largest professional basketball league in terms of popularity, wages and talent, as well as the level of competition.

Rules of play

The basketball game is divided into four quarters of "runs," each quarter 10 minutes "in international matches" or 12 minutes "in terms of NBA league games."

Fifteen minutes are allowed to break in the middle of the game,
Two minutes of rest are allowed after the end of each quarter "run" of the other quarters.
The extra time is five minutes. The teams exchange their baskets as the second half begins.
Basketball games usually last for about two hours.